Visita Los Venerables
Escuela de Barroco 2007

Escuela de Barroco 2007

November 10-12, 2014

School of the Baroque 2007


This programme suggests a topic which is garnering increasing interest within the field of international research into art. The perspective of studying the material history of a work of art helps us to understand some of the inherent issues in the development and evolution of art history. For this reason, we wanted to include the top professionals working in this field in the programme.

Artistic despoilment can be examined from several vantage points which imply illicit appropriation or damage of a work of culture. However, we only wanted to more carefully examine some of these incidents in contemporary European history, which share an international war as the historical backdrop, as well as traumatic or violent appropriations in other nations. These episodes are the Napoleonic campaigns in Europe and the art seized by the Nazis. We are aware that this choice, just like all choices, leaves other questions of interest unexamined, which should be addressed in another forum. Despite this, it does allow us to more carefully examine the issues that affect the recent history of Europe on the one hand, and the birth of the internationalisation of the history of Spanish art on the other.

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