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Escuela de Barroco 2009

Escuela de Barroco 2009

November 10-12, 2014

School of the Baroque 2009


A victory properly recounted is worth two, confessed Renaudot, the official journalist to the Court of Louis XIII, in one of his gazettes. Therefore, at the height of the Middle Age, the birth of journalism occurred somewhere between information and propaganda.

This course seeks to undertake both a historical and methodological survey of the model of Baroque communication. Ever since the pioneering contributions of Roger Chartier, Umberto Eco and others revealed the incessant vacillation between cultural models native to the Modern Age, subsequent studies have stressed both the usual aspects of the model and other facets that developed on the margins of it, which sometimes exceptionally entail the possibility of discrepancy.

Based on the lectures delivered by a group of top international experts, this course will pay special interest to evaluating the model of journalistic communication, in the sense that the densely-woven network of state censorship allowed cracks between those who expressed – we know today – criticism and counter-propaganda. In parallel, we will undertake a reflection on the concept of the neo-Baroque in order to review some recent experiences which have been successful in communicating the Baroque worldview to large audiences.

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