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Escuela de Barroco 2010

Escuela de Barroco 2010

November 10-12, 2014

School of the Baroque 2010


Experts in urban history, art history and architecture will examine the topic of urban representations during the Modern Age in Seville, Madrid and Spain in general, as well as in Italy, the Netherlands, the Spanish-speaking Americas and the Middle East. They will reflect on urban iconography, the different uses and purposes of urban views, and the messages that these images strove to convey, as well as the methods and techniques used to make them. By addressing such a wide variety of topics as the Court, maps, portraits and everyday life, this course aims to capture the impact and power of different urban images from the 17th century in the cities within the Spanish monarchy but also beyond its borders. The students registered in the course will be encouraged to fully participate in the debate.

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