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Escuela de Barroco 2011

Escuela de Barroco 2011

November 10-12, 2014

School of the Baroque 2011


This course sets out to study the multiple backdrops of Baroque culture. This is a period in history whose art, literature, music, religious beliefs, scientific innovations and philosophical ideas are present in our entire cultural inheritance of today. The Baroque was a world marked by the Reformation, an aesthetic rebellion against the iconoclastic hints present in it. It radiated out from southern Europe and it found its niche in each land. The Baroque and Modernity merged into one. The Renaissance never managed to become popular culture. However, the Baroque shaped an exalted art that permeated everyday life. Its culture was the first to consciously create propaganda, to get what it wanted to convey to enter through the eyes. It occupied the images, streets, presence and decoration, but it was not limited to visual art. It entered through the ears as well. Baroque music, theatre, poems and discourse, full of contrasts, brimming with lights, shadows and artifice, showed a world that was then beginning its unstoppable globalisation. The Baroque world is the consolidation of Europe as the discoverer. It is the world of maps and bustling traffic, of mercantile companies and wealth, of ambition of all sorts. With its study sessions and exhibitions requested of outstanding experts, this course sets out to delve into profound, multidisciplinary knowledge of the great Baroque culture, from the music to the literature, the science, the fine arts and the religious and philosophical ideas that comprised its enormous scene. Learning about the Baroque and knowing its keys are necessary in order to manoeuvre easily in our books and our cities, to understand our musical tastes and to explain how our taste is formed. The moral landscape of the Baroque is an inquiry in which we manage to understand the ideas and soul of that period through visible elements and we grasp to what extent we still harbour that invisible moral essence within our culture today. Its goal is to “learn to see and look” as well as to learn to listen and feel.

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