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Escuela de Barroco 2014

Escuela de Barroco 2014

November 10-12, 2014

School of Baroque 2014


The Focus Abengoa Foundation Baroque School, November 2014, offers an innovative vision on the role of entrepreneurs and enterprises in the “first globalization” of the markets according to the latest historiography and economic literature. It will also introduce the role and the relation of these economic agents with the art market under European capitalism principles in the XVII and XVIII centuries.

The Baroque School aims at assessing, from a broad and complete perspective, the interrelationship established between entrepreneurial innovation and the artistic creation through investments of commercial benefits and patronage in Spain and Europe during Baroque Times. The new spirit of capitalism will be analysed from the novel economic paradigms about wealth, money and entrepreneurial ethics under renovators Baroque Jesuit and Calvinist principles.

The new art demand from these new economic agents–enterprises and entrepreneurs-, laid the foundations of a new and secular way of proceeding in the field of patronage, collecting and heritage. A new scenario defined by vendors, merchants, bankers compared to the traditional operations in the market leaded by the court, nobility, ecclesiastic institutions or clerks. The influence from this new situation will be analysed in the end.

The new role of enterprises and entrepreneurs will be focused on aspects related to the innovation in commercial and financial techniques, the economic
modernization, the functions of entrepreneurial leadership, the transformations in public and private institutions, the progressive implementation of good
management practices, as well as the opening to ethical civil values in business. The economic activity was transformed by some entrepreneurs through direct
implications related to heritage value and the artistic historical, social, religious and cultural patronage.

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