Visita Los Venerables
Hospital de los Venerables

Hospital de los Venerables


Workshop visits to the Hospital de los Venerables

This consists of a tour of the building of the Hospital de los Venerables, using a treasure map with clues. On the tour, the children will learn about the uses and purposes of the different areas of the Hospital, as well as their technical, cultural, social, historical and artistic significance.

The children will be split into various groups and each one must choose the “treasure” at the Hospital de los Venerables that they have enjoyed the most, before subsequently representing it as a collage.

General conditions:

  • For teachers and pupils in primary education.
  • Group size: 25 pupils + teachers
  • Duration: 1.5 - 2 hours
  • Price: 50 euros per group
  • For more information:
    954 56 26 96
  • Bookings:
    902 091 137

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