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Hospital de los Venerables

Hospital de los Venerables


Santa Rufina and Velázquez workshop visits

These visits begin with a tour of the Permanent Collection of the Velázquez Centre and end with an activity workshop in which educators try to develop the children’s creativity.

The children will take on the roles of our protagonists – Diego Velázquez and Santa Rufina. Some of them will work in the painter’s workshop, using different materials and learning about the significance of colours, while others will create ceramic objects, just as Santa Rufina did in her time. Which of them would you like to be?

General conditions:

  • For teachers and pupils in pre-school and primary education.
  • Group size: 25 pupils + teachers
  • Duration: 1.5 - 2 hours
  • Price: 50 euros per group
  • For more information:
    954 56 26 96
  • Bookings:
    902 091 137

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