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PEyC in Torreblanca, Seville

PEyC in Torreblanca, Seville


Abengoa’s Chairman visits the new PE&C headquarters in Torreblanca

  • Felipe Benjumea visited the facilities of the Focus-Abengoa Foundation social development program in Seville

Felipe Benjumea Llorente, chairman of Abengoa, paid a visit on Friday, May 23rd to the headquarters of the Focus-Abengoa Foundation’s PE&C (People, Education and Communities. Committed to Development) social development program. Accompanied by Alfonso González, CEO of Abeinsa, the chairman of the corporation had the opportunity to meet program beneficiaries, children and adults at risk of social exclusion in the Sevillian district of Torreblanca, in person.

On the occasion of the visit, children participating in the PE&C program prepared a song, dance and theater performance as a product of the workshops in which they have received training since the program was introduced in the neighborhood last summer. In addition, a presentation was delivered on literacy, grade school graduate and active pursuit of employment workshops aimed at local youth and adults as part of the “Employment and Family” Plan. Finally, underscoring the collaborative ties existing between PE&C and the Sisters of the Cross, the event enjoyed participation from the group of girls in the sewing workshop conducted by the Sisters.

The PE&C team in Seville, composed of nine professionals with complementary specialized backgrounds in areas that include social work, psychology and education, is in charge of providing training to the 40 children and 35 adults served by the program in Torreblanca. Implemented with the support of the Sisters of the Cross, PE&C pursues coordination with other neighborhood organizations and the participation of Abengoa employees in the program through initiatives such as volunteer work.

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