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Hogar Rebeca Ergás, PE&C Santiago de Chile

Hogar Rebeca Ergás, PE&C Santiago de Chile


True PE&C stories: Volunteering, a contagious commitment

  • “I want to motivate other people, conveying to them what volunteering means through experience.” Verónica Consuelo Basterrica, a volunteer at the Rebeca Ergas Home, a shelter for women and children who are the victims of gender violence in Santiago de Chile

Verónica Consuelo Basterrica, head of Human Resources at Abengoa SDI, the engineering company in Chile, has worked with the PE&C in delivering a workshop on basic concepts of labor legislation to train women at the Rebeca Ergas Home and thereby prevent them from enduring abuse again due to a lack of information. “It has been most gratifying. Sharing one’s knowledge is not limited only to those closest to us; it can also help others.”

As Verónica’s second experience as a volunteer, she has witnessed the evolution of the group through PE&C. For Verónica, volunteering brings personal gain, in addition to providing assistance to the women with whom she collaborates. “I had never had the experience of participating in an activity like this. Upon my first visit to the shelter I already felt both content and different.” Verónica, a regular participant in the solidarity campaigns organized by PE&C at the time, points out that involvement runs deeper through volunteering: “I felt more engaged.”

The workshop conducted by Verónica is part of “Your Project Counts”, an initiative that affords Abengoa employees the opportunity to share their skills and knowledge with PE&C beneficiaries through a program of self-directed educational and social activities.

The Focus-Abengoa Foundation PE&C (People, Education and Communities. Committed to Development) social development program, in collaboration with a local NGO, contributes to improving quality of life and helping women and children who have suffered domestic abuse to heal. At the Rebeca Ergas Home in Santiago de Chile, families set out along a new path with the support of qualified personnel and volunteers, such as Verónica, who work with them to overcome their pain and develop skills for securing a prosperous future.

Verónica Consuelo with the group of women at the Rebeca Ergas Home

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