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PEyC Mexico


PE&C celebrates International Day for the Eradication of Child Labor


Featuring a variety of activities conducted by the boys and girls involved in the social program to promote children’s rights to education and play

Once again this year, the headquarters of the Focus-Abengoa Foundation’s PE&C (People, Education and Communities) social development program organized a variety of activities aimed at speaking out against child labor and promoting children’s rights to education, family, health, and play.

In Argentina, activities took place around the theme of “No to child labor. Yes to sports” to raise awareness of the need to educate children in order to facilitate their access to decent work as adults. In Quimilí, a children’s classroom workshop was conducted to afford them the opportunity to express themselves and learn more about the reality of their neighborhood, The Triangle, where children work in coal production or bricklaying, the most frequent occupations among the community. The youngsters expressed their condemnation of child labor by making posters with their handprints.

Also taking place in Argentina, children played a game of soccer in Alderetes at the Los Gutiérrez field, where, during the lemon-gathering season, most children do not attend class because they are helping their parents to obtain the most abundant harvest possible.

At the Guie Tiiki community assistance center for children in Mexico, pupils’ parents were asked to reflect upon child labor. In turn, the youngsters also had a chance to share their views regarding the issue. Thanks to the tremendous response by parents and collaboration from teachers at the facility, the collective ideas gathered were illustrated in the form of a mural.

In Brazil, the girls at the program headquarters in Rio de Janeiro engaged in the “A gotinha curiosa” activity revolving around the story of a little girl who leaves her parents’ home and has to begin to work taking care of children and making coal in order to subsist. The tale conveyed how important it is for children to live with their families.

Finally, in Chile, Emanuel, one of the participating children, shared his own experience. He and his peers were paid 5,000 pesos a day (less than € 7) for eight hours of work. In the words of Emanuel, “We gathered raspberries and that’s what I used to buy food.” Neither Emanuel nor his friends Antonia, Yesley, Johvelines, Lucero, José and Vicente knew that there are 168 million children at work around the world.


Children celebrating in Argentina with sports.


 Children in Brazil.


 Drawing by children from Chile.


Mural handmade by Mexican children.

Educational and cultural activities