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Under the “Your project counts” initiative, Abengoa employees conducted yoga and good manners workshops for the children at the Mandali mission

Asha Rochani and Prabir Bhattacharjee are the first volunteer employees of Abengoa Abeinsa Power Structures to participate in the “Your project counts” initiative by conducting yoga and good manners workshops for the children at the Gunkhadi School at the Mandali mission, Gujarat (India).

Asha gave yoga classes to a group of students at the school. She gave practical demonstrations to show how this activity can help to relieve pain during menstruation. Asha also taught them breathing exercises to reduce stress and pain in different parts of the body. The students were delighted to receive this information as many of them suffer stomach pains during menstruation. To end up, Asha practiced yoga and music and dance aerobics with the group.

Prabir, on the other hand, gave a presentation with photos and practical examples on good table manners and how to eat with a knife and fork. All the students were very happy to learn how to cope with being in a hotel and how to behave when they eat out.

Both Asha and Prabir expressed their satisfaction at participating as volunteers in the PE&C activities and their wish to continue to collaborate in the future. The Mission, where the students will continue to receive yoga and aerobic classes, is going to organize engineering, communication skills and personality development workshops in the future thanks to suggestions from school students and faculty.

“Your project counts” is an initiative of the social development program of the Focus-Abengoa Foundation that allows Abengoa employees to share their skills and knowledge with PE&C beneficiaries, through a program of educational and social activities conducted by the employees themselves.

Should you wish to give a workshop on any subject you believe could be helpful to beneficiaries of the PE&C initiative, please contact the program organizers at

Asha teaches the students yoga

Attentive students at Prabir's presentation

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