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PE&C Brazil: family farming workshop at headquarters in Rio de Janeiro


Girl students from the Santa Rita de Cassia orphanage learn the importance of a family allotment as a means of millennial and sustainable life

This summer, the Santa Rita de Cassia orphanage held a family farming workshop under the Focus-Abengoa Foundation’s program entitled People, Education and Communities: Committed to Development (PE&C) for the students of the orphanage. The goal was to raise awareness of the importance of allotment gardening as a means of sustenance for the family and society in general.

At the event, the students participated in talks and debates, attended the screening of videos, helped with planting activities and went on an outing to the country where they had the chance to see farmers at work and participate in activities. The students also planted vegetables in the orphanage’s allotment garden and will therefore be able to keep a close watch on the growing and ripening process.

Through this workshop, the students have learned how family farming contributes to environmental balance, respecting the seasonality of crops, the natural characteristics of the different crops and the use of manual farming methods.

Family farming embraces all agricultural, forestry and fishing activities carried out by a family. It is the predominant form of agriculture in food production. The PE&C has joined in the commemoration of the International Year of Family Farming proclaimed by the United Nations, which aims to highlight the role it plays in the struggle for the eradication of hunger and poverty, in ensuring security of food supply and nutrition, and in environmental protection and sustainable development, especially in rural areas.

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