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PE&C signs its first partnership agreement with universities in Santiago del Estero, Argentina


The objective of the agreement is to “theorize” the work being conducted by Abengoa’s social and community development program serving social groups at risk of social exclusion

Through the Saint Angela Foundation, PE&C has signed the reciprocal Partnership Agreement for Cooperation and Exchange in Scientific, Academic, Cultural and Technological Pursuits with Argentina’s National University and Catholic University in Santiago del Estero. The purpose of the agreement is to expand the PE&C offering of training, theorizing and research, a landmark that will enable the program to continue improving its activities and generate academic recognition.

Since its inception nine years ago, PE&C has been growing and today enjoys an active presence in ten countries. As a product of this experience, the program has achieved a great deal of maturity in organizing and managing social outreach efforts in vulnerable communities, a field of activity in which university theoreticians can put into practice their theoretical knowledge through dissertations, research and educational workshops and seminars, among other academic activities.

The university is in turn providing training to program personnel and volunteers. Since the agreement was signed in Argentina, six academic courses and seminars have been conducted free of charge through the ongoing training and education series PE&C offers to the professionals who work with the program: the Headquarters Training Series (HTS) and the Community Training Series (CTC).

PE&C intends to continue signing partnership agreements with universities in all countries of program operation, and to this end is working on a common protocol.

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