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PE&C Chile and the Jesuit Foundation for Global Citizenship make joint pledge to intercultural education in Antofagasta


Workshops focus on integration of immigrant children and Chileans in one of Chile’s cities with the highest foreign-born population

The Jesuit Foundation for Global Citizenship, with support from Abengoa’s PE&C (People, Education and Communities) social and community development program, has implemented interculturality workshops in public schools in Antofagasta, Chile.

The aim of the workshops is to build a culture of hospitality to promote the integration of immigrant children and Chileans in Antofasta, a city located in northern Chile that has seen a rise in situations of discrimination with the significant increase in the city’s foreign population.

The workshop is designed to be conducted over four 90-minute sessions. It involves group work, with one half of the group of participants being Chilean and the other half composed of foreign residents, all of whom are aged 8 to 18. Through a variety of group activities, each session addresses issues such as interculturality, migration, discrimination and integration. This provides the basis for the group’s collective creation of diversity profiles.

The workshops facilitate understanding and interaction between different people, which promotes dialog, in addition to providing a platform for a common identity that gives people a sense of equality. The importance of communication, trusting others, respect and solidarity are approached transversally throughout the process. For example, in the case of communication, participants become aware that it is not a unilateral process, but rather requires effort on the part of those involved in order to ensure the message is clearly conveyed. Participants also learn how trust is one of the core aspects of forging relationships.

At the end of the workshop, the students themselves draw up integration proposals for  the school to implement. Such initiatives may include food fairs, fellowship events or regional dance exhibitions.

Global Citizenship and PE&C are working together to reflect the results of the workshops in a book that provides an overview of participants’ efforts and which encourages other students, centers and families to work in furtherance of interculturality.

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