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PE&C celebrates International Women’s Day in seven countries


“I’m now able to speak in public and make decisions regarding my family”, says Khalu, a PE&C beneficiary at the Nani Singloti Mission (India)

International Women’s Day was celebrated on Sunday, March 8. The holiday commemorates women’s role in the world and champions equal rights and opportunities.

According to the United Nations Organization, women’s wages are lower than men’s in every country around the world. Figures show female representation in just 24% of senior management positions and 22% among members of parliament. One in three women has suffered physical or sexual violence. These statistics attest to the economic, political and social disadvantage which women continue to endure today.

The ‘PE&C: People, Education and Communities. Committed to Development’ social development program wished to join the cause by celebrating Women’s Day in most of the countries where the program is in place.

To commemorate the occasion in the Argentinian community of Monte Quemado, schoolchildren made cards to give to the women in their families. Members of the local community came together to take part in a game in which they highlighted positive aspects of each neighbor, with the aim of promoting fellowship and underscoring the role of women in the community. In Quimilí, a gathering took place with the children’s mothers and tutors to honor them on this special day.

At the Santa Rita de Cassia Orphanage in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), the girls acted out a play centered on the work performed by women in society. The PE&C team showed a video on preventing gender violence to mothers from the community, in a country where estimates show that five women die every two minutes stemming from this cause. And at the Saint Francis of Assisi Orphanage in Aracajú, adults attended a lecture on women’s rights and the importance of women standing together.

In Chile, at the Rebeca Ergás Shelter, which takes in women who are victims of gender violence, a group of 40 women, including psychologists and Abengoa volunteers, held a round table debate on the role of women in a country which did not adopt domestic violence legislation until 1994.

At the Celamex occupational center for people with intellectual disabilities in Mexico, PE&C organized a healthcare session in conjunction with volunteer women doctors for women who are program beneficiaries to promote disease prevention and personal care. They also made crafts to thank the women who take care of them.

At the PE&C headquarters in Seville, located in the district of Torreblanca, a variety of activities took place, including readings by Spanish authoresses and featuring videos of flamenco dancers and singers such as Lola Flores and Gloria Fuertes, with the aim of gaining an understanding of the challenges these artists faced in a traditionally male-dominated world. The women participating in the program’s education workshop also enjoyed breakfast together downtown.

In Manchay, Peru, PE&C organized an artisan workshop dedicated to weaving for the mothers of disabled students who are PE&C beneficiaries. Instruction was provided by Dina, a craftswoman who has spent her whole life teaching this technique to women in the local community. The disabled students, in turn, created a mural to commemorate women’s achievements.

In India, where PE&C works with Adivasis families, 100 women from the Nani Singloti Mission played games and shared their personal stories. One of them was Khalu, who talked about how she had to fight for her husband and family to understand her reason for participating in PE&C community activities. At the Mandal Mission, pupils at the Gunkhadi School took part along with 200 women in the celebration which included dance and awareness talks.

With a presence in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Spain, India, Mexico, Peru, South Africa and Sri Lanka, PE&C supports social groups in situations of vulnerability in communities where Abengoa operates, striving to promote equal opportunities through education. Unfortunately, women are still one of these vulnerable social groups.

Women’s Day debate held at the PE&C headquarters in Chile.

PE&C beneficiaries in Mexico united in support of women

The girls at the Santa Rita de Cassia Orphanage in Brazil, performing a play based on women’s working role in society.

Women’s meeting in Alderetes (Argentina)

Artisan workshop in Manchay (Peru)

Mural created by PE&C beneficiaries in Torreblanca (Seville) to highlight the role of women in the world of flamenco music and dance.

100 women played games together and shared their personal experiences in Nani Singloti (India).

Educational and cultural activities