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PE&C Peru: activities aimed at preventing tuberculosis in Santa Rosa


4,000 people lose their lives to tuberculosis every day in the worldwide

Within the framework of World Tuberculosis Day, the Santa Rosa – Pachma PE&C headquarters held an information session for the educational community to raise awareness of the importance of preventing this disease.
The topics addressed included what tuberculosis is and types of tuberculosis, main symptoms, clinical tests for diagnosing TB, how it is contracted, risk populations, the dangers of interrupting treatment and how to prevent the disease from spreading.

A video was shown during the activity for children to learn about TB prevention measures. Parents, in turn, participated in a walking parade, carrying banners with messages to point out that a cough that lasts more than 15 days may be a symptom, provide recommendations such as covering one’s mouth when coughing or sneezing and to emphasize the importance of ventilating places.

Tuberculosis claims the lives of 4,000 people each day worldwide. In Peru, where the rate has dropped by 3% thanks to treatment methods, concern is focused on resistant and highly-resistant forms of TB. Yearly chest X-rays are recommended for all of the country’s inhabitants and two X-rays per year are suggested for patients who have had the disease.

Educational and cultural activities