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PEyC presentation in Morocco for NGO´s in Nador


In less than a year social development program of Focus-Abengoa Foundation has attended around 1,500 beneficiaries

PE&C team presented in Nador in front of responsibles of different public and private local institutions, and other local and Spanish associations, the social projects that is developing in the city. The event was celebrated in Baraka Center, in coincidence with the visit of one of the responsibles of  Andalusian NGO “Justa Alegría”, which also develops its activity in Nador.

 “For a childhood with rights” is an social educational and nutrition project that is attending homeless children or in a truancy situation, usually with single mothers with low economic resources. PE&C not only collaborates in their nutrition, but also in cultural and educational activities. In addition has created social work area to attend personal cases and teachs literacy to their mothers.

 “Intercultural Communication” is located in the same Baraka Center, a training center and socio-proffesional integration for young people with low economic resources in Nador. PE&C supports them in their education in Spanish, French, English and German languages, and  IT, as a part of a global competence adquisition.

Furthermore, PE&C is developing technical occupational training and protected work to teach industrial embroidery for women the next year, making possible one of PE&C´s mission, to get power for women as part of the development of the society.

During the event, PE&C team thanked in front of 30 people their support. They were very participative and interested to collaborate. With this action Abengoa social program has a new motivation to continue with the networking and to build up a stronger social fabric in Nador.

Educational and cultural activities