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Boletín noticias

Boletín noticias


PEyC Morocco closes its summer school in Nador celebrating the World Friendship Day.


The social development program of Focus-Abengoa Foundation organizes a drawing contest on friendship

PEyC Morocco has closed courses of remedial classes with a drawing contest. The courses were run to the children of the project "For Children with Rights" during July month. On the occasion of World Friendship Day, celebrated on July 30th, the children had to capture on paper what friendship means to them.

Two children were the winners and each of them received a bicycle as a prize. The bikes were donated by members of the Consulate of Spain in Nador. Both children were rewarded not only by having made the best drawing but also by attending class, his/her motivation and his/her achievement shown during the course chosen. The other participants also received a small gift as a reward for the effort made over the course and to motivate them for the next course.

From PEyC we give importance to the activity of drawing because it is a mental exercise which develops skills such as relaxation, concentration, creativity and sensitivity in children. In addition, this particular exercise has helped them to visualize and to reflect on such a broad and subjective concept as it is friendship.

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