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Baroque Library

Baroque Library

Focus Foundation

Baroque Library of the Centro Velázquez

Santa Rufina, 1629-1632. Diego Velázquez (detalle). Fundación Focus-Abengoa.

Diego Velázquez Saint Rufina, 1629-1632. (detalle). Focus Foundation.

Because of its theme, this library was envisioned as a reference in the study of the Baroque in its most diverse facets. Because of its content, which includes books, journals, catalogues, bibliographic materials in a variety of languages, etc., it is also a highly specialised library meant for research. In this vein, it has been designed as an essential part of the Centro de Investigación Diego Velázquez and its permanent collection of painting and sculpture.

And, by extension, the Baroque Library of the Centro Velázquez is the home of all the books, leaflets, catalogues and other works on art in general in any of its expressions, materials or periods.


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