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Baroque Library

Focus Foundation

Seville - Themed - Collection

Vista de Sevilla, h. 1660. Anónimo. Fundación Focus-Abengoa.

Anonymous. View of Seville, ca. 1660. Focus-Abengoa Foundation.

This is the core collection that was the seed of the library. The Seville- Themed Collection brings together around 6,000 volumes. With a select yet small set of old books, the majority of its volumes are editions from the 19th, 20th and 21th centuries.

The Sevillian focus of this collection is defined by the authorship and/or subject of its contents, which are diverse, although cultural materials clearly predominate- artistic, historical, literary and social. This collection uses a broad sense of the word "Sevillian", which extends to what used to be the Kingdom of Seville and is today the city and province of Seville, while it also includes references to the context of Andalusia, Spain and abroad.


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