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Francisco Pacheco

Born in Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Cadiz) in 1564, the nephew of a canon of the same name at Seville Cathedral, he learned humanistic and Christian teachings with his uncle, and studied painting under the now little known Luis Fernández. There are records of him as a painter dating from 1585, and we have works and documents until his death in 1644.

His art remained mired in the post-Mannerism of Seville, strongly influenced by the Flemish style, but with a lack of imagination in its depiction. He was the teacher of Velázquez and Cano, and his workshop became a meeting place for Sevillian intellectuals and aristocrats; this was where he came across works by Ribera, which influenced some of his pieces. As an art theorist, he wrote two books, The true portrait of illustrious and memorable men, which was never published, and The art of painting. Its antiquity and grandeur, published posthumously in 1649.

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