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Grenzing Organ

Grenzing Organ


Reference bibliography Baroque Organ, Baroque Library

The musical activities that the Focus Foundation has developed over the last 23 years based around the Baroque organ, which the German master organ builder Gerhard Grenzing was commissioned to build in 1991, required a historical and scientific basis that supported and justified the Foundation’s work and dedication to this instrument, which has fallen out of favour in today’s Seville. However, during the Baroque period, the city played a key role and led the way in the development of the Spanish organ, both in terms of new technical contributions and its musical repertoires, organists and organ builders. Such was its importance that today the history of the Spanish organ cannot be contemplated nor would it be complete without continuous references to the instruments of Seville and its organists.

This highlights the significance of the work that the Foundation is carrying out today with the Sevillian and Andalusian Baroque organ, as a basic bibliography, which is available to anyone interested in studying our Iberian organ; an instrument with a proud history for Seville’s residents and a way of taking and introducing our exceptional Renaissance and Baroque music to the New World. Today it is a living and powerful testament to the most glorious era of our organ, instrumental and musical heritage.

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