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Alfonso E. Pérez Sánchez International Prize

The Alfonso E. Pérez Sánchez International Prize was created in 2009 to recognise and acknowledge the work of this exceptional art historian (1935-2010) and to honour the memory of this exemplary researcher and educator, who enlightened various generations of historians and made outstanding studies of Spanish and Italian Baroque painting, especially Velázquez and the art of his era. A university lecturer and director of the Museo Nacional del Prado, he was also scientific adviser to the Focus Foundation from the 1990s until his death.

The aim of this prize is to support scientific studies related to art, history, culture, literature and the aesthetics of the Baroque period, recognising the value of multidisciplinary and conciliatory approaches and the contribution to developing existing work.

It is open to the whole of the scientific community and is currently awarded twice a year.

Authors and prizes:

  • 2013 - José Ramón Marcaida López. Arte y ciencia en el Barroco español. Historia natural, coleccionismo y cultura visual
  • 2010 - Luis Méndez Rodríguez - Sevilla 1533. La aventura de Jerónimo Köler
  • 2009 - Marta Cacho Casal - Francisco Pacheco and his Libro de Retratos
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