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<em>View of Seville</em> (detail), 1573, Joris Hoefnagel. Royal Library of Brussels

View of Seville (detail), 1573, Joris Hoefnagel. Royal Library of Brussels

Bookcover Iconography of Seville, first volume from 1400 - 1650

Velázquez y la cultura sevillana

Velázquez y la cultura sevillana

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Luis Méndez Rodríguez

Luis Méndez Rodríguez delves into the first stage of Diego Velázquez’s career, his early youth days in Seville from 1599 to 1624. The book reconstructs the circumstances of his personal and professional life with new documentary evidence and focuses on the way Sevillian culture and pictorial school influenced his work. This research by Méndez, PhD in Art History of the University of Seville, enhances the knowledge on the first period of Velázquez’s artistic career, which was also marked by ancient world legacy, humanism and scientific progress.

Prize for the Best Doctoral Thesis on a Theme Related to Seville in 2002

Sevilla, Universidad de Sevilla, Secretariado de Publicaciones / Fundación Focus-Abengoa, 2005

Catálogo de Publicaciones, Universidad de Sevilla

Series: Premio Focus-Abengoa y Premio Javier Benjumea nº 12 / Catálogo Fundación Focus-Abengoa, Colección Focus-Abengoa nº 19

369 pages, 17 x 24 cm, paperback

ISBN: 84-472-0859-1

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