Visita Los Venerables
Los Venerables

Los Venerables

A new and safe way to visit Los Venerables

Enjoy a new and safe way to visit Los Venerables

For the past few months, we have been working to meet you again. There is nothing we wish more!

For this reason, we have developed and carried out with our Health and Safety teams a whole range of measures so that, on our return, you can enjoy a new and safe way of visiting Los Venerables with all the sanitary and hygienic guarantees. Thus, in compliance with the regulations and recommendations issued by the competent authorities, we have established a rigorous protocol.

In addition, we have established the following standards and recommendations:

As you can see, we are working hard so that you can enjoy a safe and quiet visit to the monument. Now we have to ask you to please respect the established rules. Together we can have a safe and wonderful time at the Hospital de Los Venerables! We are waiting for you!

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